We’re hosting our version of a Track & Field event

FCTAIPEI Track & Field banner
Feng CrossFit banner for Track & Field Event in Taipei, Taiwan

Feng CrossFit (FCTAIPEI) 將在10月17日舉辦戶外運動比賽.
比賽內容包括跑步以及一些 CROSSFIT 經常用到的動作.

名額有限, 有興趣者請盡快步名參加~
報名聯絡方式: info@fengcrossfit.com

早鳥票: NT300 (至 9/26, 數量有限, 售完為止)
學生票: NT400 (購票時須出示學生證)
預售票: NT500
現場票: NT600

RSVP: +886 2 2391 3291

請到 Feng CrossFit 健身中心取票

★數量有限, 請提早購買. 請在 Feng CrossFit 購買您的票.★

Feng CrossFit (FCTAIPEI) will host an individual event consisting of running portions and a CrossFit style workout with body weight, kettlebell or some weighted object movements and perhaps even an additional movement.

NT300: limited early bird tickets until September 26th, 2015.
NT400: if you are a local student (ID required)
NT500: presale tickets
NT600: on-site tickets

RSVP: +886 2 2391 3291

Pick up your tickets at Feng CrossFit.

* Information workout sessions will be offered prior to the event.

For more information, click the link for the event page

★There are only a limited number of tickets available.
Please make sure to purchase your tickets from Feng CrossFit.★

Reebok brings a CrossFit ParkWOD to Taipei Arena

Reebok CrossFit logo
Feng CrossFit - Reebok Park WOD
Feng CrossFit – Reebok Park WOD


Reebok is hosting a Park WOD this September 2nd at 7:30 PM and I am happy to say they are working with me on this one to bring together a workout to remember.

Please come by the Taipei Arena by Dun Hua South Rd. by 7:30 PM to get prepared.  There is a track and field by the corner of Dun Hua and Ba De Road. We will be meeting there. Look for the Reebok flags.