What is Feng Kids?

Feng Kids is a specialised training program for kids between the ages 8 to 12.  It is a program focused on building fundamentals for physical literacy in a fun and effective manner.

Kids will develop new friendships and learn how to communicate, interact, and support one another through exercise and friendly competition. The program is designed to build  their confidence. Once they overcome any difficult obstacle their self-esteem is always boost through the support of our professional coaches who actively celebrate and cheers them on for all of their victories. Not only does this program build confidence for the kids but will also build their discipline because of how the classes are structured. They will quickly recognise the benefits of being disciplined because the faster they fall in line the faster they get to do yet another fun activity.

The broad application of exercises the Feng kids program has to offer will ultimately improve their strength, speed, and endurance in order to be a well-rounded athlete. It will also help them prevent injuries from repetitive movements in their daily lives.

Another great benefit the kids will gain from this program is better grades. There are numerous studies which demonstrate and prove how health and fitness can improve your kids mental cognitive abilities.

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Founded in 2014 by Ed Chu. Feng CrossFit is a renowned CrossFit gym based in Taipei

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