Hosted my first powerlifting event – Taipei Total

So the few weeks leading up to this event was a little hectic. I don’t really like the CrossFit Open as it disrupts my regular class schedules with people feeling they need to do extra training or less training for each week’s workouts. Plus any of the people who feel the need to redo any of the workouts as well. But it is probably a necessity to help spread the word about CrossFit here in Taipei, Taiwan while helping to build the community.

In any case, I didn’t pay enough attention to this event and it snuck up on me leaving my marketing and advertising for this event pretty much nonexistent.  Lesson 1 learned. Be prepared earlier.

Well so the event happened and due to my lack of promoting this event, from the 20 people who had signed up, only 4 people showed up. But it was a great opportunity for me to learn a little from a semi-pro powerlifter here in Taipei. And it was a great time for the people who did show up to get their first “competition” under their belts so they have an idea of what to expect for the next one. Plus the people who showed up to watch had first hand experience helping us changing weights and spotting.

The next event does not yet have a date but I think summertime August or even September. So for those of you who are following or interested in powerlifting, I will be hosting another event. Take a look at the images here to see what you missed.

As far as the people who competed, this is what the powerlifting looks like here for beginners so don’t worry about not being strong enough yet. Just come out and have fun.

Joanna 47KG | Squat – 52KG | Bench – 31KG | Deadlift – 70KG = Total: 153KG

Ed 70.25KG | Squat – 135KG | Bench – 95KG | Deadlift – 150KG = Total: 380KG

Boxer 76KG | Squat – 130KG | Bench – 100KG | Deadlift – 180KG = Total: 410KG

Andy 67KG | Squat – 160KG | Bench – 80KG | Deadlift – 170KG = Total: 410KG