I’m not a Powerlifter but I Powerlift

FCTAIPEI Taipei Total
Feng CrossFit – Taipei Total Competition

I own and operate the 2nd (well technically the 3rd but essentially the 2nd physical location) CrossFit box in Taipei.  And let’s just include the rest of Taiwan since the only boxes are in Taipei at the moment.

In any case, I CrossFit but I powerlift as well. I don’t care about gains and how doing one type of exercise has a negative affect on the other. I don’t need to look shredded or gain the size commonly associated with powerlifting. I’m 5’9″ (174cm) and weigh around 157 lbs (71 kg). OK, admittedly a little light for my taste. I’d like to be closer to 74 kgs but we’ll get there. The only thing I care about is what I believe in and that is the fact that strength will help me in CrossFit. I can weightlift all day long and learn the techniques and skills needed to perform the movements but let’s be honest, I didn’t start weightlifting when I was a kid. I started a couple years ago. I know I’m not going to be good enough to compete but I enjoy doing it so what else can I do besides practicing technique and form to help me improve?

Gain strength.

That’s what it comes down to. Especially in CrossFit where there are many programmed workouts floating around with a high number of reps for time. And as we know, when we fatigue, our form suffers. And when our form suffers all bets are off when we try to complete the workout for time. Now let’s not get into an argument whether or not this is good or bad or whatever. Who cares. It’s out there and people do it. So how do we do it better and safer when we’re fatigued?

Gain strength.

I have ingrained what my coach Scott Paltos keeps saying, “Strength rules the world”.  For a long time I didn’t think much of it outside my 4-5 time training sessions per week. But now as I have been trying to refine my technique on weightlifting and CrossFit movements, all these position drills and accessory work is building strength. But it sucks@! So I threw back in some basics and  started to program some bench along with more back squats and deadlifts, shoulder presses and shrugs. And now those hated wallballs, thrusters are easier. I can notice a big difference in my cleans and snatches. Essentially everything got a little easier. Not to mention having some variety in my training makes it more interesting.

I don’t claim to know everything or even a lot when it comes to programming or training. But I’m learning. And my main focus as a coach is to teach my members how to train safely, get stronger and enjoy their time here.