Kids Martial Arts

Reasons why kids should do Martial Arts?

There is research that shows and a lot of families say Martial Arts helps improve kids self-control and focus. CrossFit is on its own a team sport but Martial Arts is focused on individual growth. 

Many kids struggle with the pressure of competition with other kids, so here at Feng we want to help kids between the ages of 4-8 to focus on self-improvement without the pressure of competition. We allow the kids to work at their own pace so they build the right mindset, form and technique which is vital for Martial Arts.

We train the kids to learn different movements incrementally. Repeating and adding steps as they go. They will eventually put all the movements together into a flow of movements. This will develop self-control, concentration and coordination.

It’s a myth that Martial Arts encourages violent behaviour. In fact, instructors often remind students that fighting is a last resort. We teach Martial Arts correctly which is to educate the kids about self-discipline, self-control, self-improvement, and respect which are the main values taught in our classes. The students are always encouraged to support each other.

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