Sneak peak at the next t-shirt designs!

fctaipei t-shirt design
Feng CrossFit Taipei Taiwan next t-shirt designs

I liked the first design of my gym’s t-shirt but I think it’s always nice to change it up a little and try to improve on things. It started out with just a little straightening of the wording and was a pretty block’ish design (which I was going for) but I didn’t know how to layout all the wording I wanted properly.

So came this entirely new design with a new mountain goat. Simplified wording and layout

with a change to the back as well, getting rid of the terribly drawn ribbon.

But not to leave out the overwhelmingly popular gorilla I had designed for me, I will be making a t-shirt with the gorilla’s face and a new ribbon stating ‘member’. Meaning only members will be able to purchase this t-shirt.